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  • All visual artwork must be in anime or cartoon-like style; pieces focusing on realism (including photographs) are not permitted. All art must have something to do with age regression or the ABDL community. Submitted art may be vetoed for any reason by the admins or founder of the group.
  • Furry or anthropomorphic animal-focused content is not allowed to be submitted here; please visit Hourglass of Jikan for those interests.
  • Show respect to all members of the group in addition to our visitors. Hateful, abusive, or threatening comments are not permitted.
  • Do not spam the content on this page. This includes using others' content for advertisement as well as large numbers of pointless messages.
  • No low effort content. This includes screenshots of games and edited pictures.
  • Do not submit any prohibited content. At the moment, this includes:
    • Exceptionally violent art
    • Unbirth (regression back into a fetus or child unviable outside of a uterus)
    • Sexual content featuring underage characters
    • Slavery or discrimination-focused work

Group Info

Hourglass-of-Youth is a group dedicated to the discussion and collection of works focused on age regression. We also allow other ABDL content such as mental regression, diapers, and ageplay-related work. Our primary focus is on anime or cartoon-styled art as well as similar writing.
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Until Mar 8, 2018

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Jun 19, 2011


Group Focus
Age Regression

1,071 Members
1,475 Watchers
1,083,833 Pageviews
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Is our newest art challenge 2 spooky for u? 

27 deviants said Nah, I can handle it!
22 deviants said What new art challenge?
14 deviants said Yes, I don't think I can draw that.
3 deviants said Maybe, but I might could if they're a ghost or zombie.

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God's Little Angels

Dove by Christawashere
In this life, the mighty Father can give, and take. We honor and cherish the memories, and give our prayers and wishes. It is here we wish to honor the memory of our fellow ABDL whom have been chosen to join his holiness in the kingdom of Heaven. Please honor the memories of our friends whos names we have inscribed here. God bless their souls, God bless the world.

LittleJaiReturns - 1995-2015

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Vampire Val + Bat form by Shima-pad

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The Best Place In Space (COMPLETE!) by TheOwlcan

Mature Content

[PATREON] Oct17 Reward for Sparkles by xJio

Mature Content

Sayla by Senfgas
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Male Age Regression
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Alphonse Holding Edward by Lance-the-young
Grandsword Commission- Training Regimen by Lance-the-young
Female Age Regression

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Knee Bounce by NowiGreen
Girlgamesh by MentalCrash
Black Widow AR - Part 6/6 by Ar-Kayn
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Aung's Transformations 4 Kindergarten Mommy by Aungshadow
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Neo Easily Captured by TheOwlcan

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Hailey by TheOwlcan

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Desiree by TheOwlcan

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Clare Wants Changies by TheOwlcan
ABDL Archive

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caught with your pants down by NowiGreen

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Dressing up the Baby~ by NowiGreen
[Reference] Scootaloo by The-Crusader-Network
[Reference] Twilight Sparkle by The-Crusader-Network
The Nursery Machine Pg. 17 (Part 3 of 12) by NintendoSquarEnixFan
The Nursery Machine Pg. 18 (Part 4 of 12) by NintendoSquarEnixFan

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The Nursery Machine Pg. 16 (Part 2 of 12) by NintendoSquarEnixFan

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The Nursery Machine Pg. 15 (Part 1 of 12) by NintendoSquarEnixFan

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Tifa Ar 4 by AR-Oasis
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Hard Training by TurtwigChampion
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BACK TO SCHOOL CHALLENGE: First day excitement by boogeymachok
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Halloween Sale 2017 by NekoroA
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Cloth Diaper Tutorial by Arkham-Insanity
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Free Base+RYCH: Onesie (Read Description) by AD-SD-ChibiGirl
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:star::icongrowliez::star: - For helping to create the Hourglass's mascots, in the way most fare for everyone, and demonstrating great selflessness in the community.

:star::iconmglitch::star: - For making major financial contributions to the group

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:star::iconblackflameheart::star: - For helping to heal when things were wronged.

:star::iconbabychrisfox::star: - Sands of Regression Regressionists Choice 2014

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:star::iconmentalcrash::star: - Sands of Regression Regressionists Chioce 2015

:star::iconnormaldeviant::star: - Sands of Regression Regressionists Choice 2016

Latest Favourite Artists

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first challenge of this month! This was one of our most successful challenges to date! It was highly controversial, but you guys were able to prove you can handle the darker side with strides! Thank you all so much for your participation. The next challenge has started down bellow! Be sure to check it out. :) Good luck everyone!

Update 2:
Happy Friday the 13th! You know what that means? Today is the final day of art challenge 1. But don't be upset if you didn't make an entry. I'll still honestly probably feature it, but our main focus from here will be on the next challenge. If you still wanna get in on the fun during this time though, you got til the end of the day!

A hint to get you ready for the next challenge: Some say these are only for children, but these days anyone could find themselves lost in them.

Our Halloween costume contest is still going strong all month long! Be sure to send in artwork of your Halloween costume for this year so we can enter it for a chance to win free art! Our Halloween/fall festival gallery is still accepting entries too!

The first week of our festival is past! We got a TON of great entries for the art challenge, and entries for the costume contest as well! I think everyone's done an amazing job so far and I look forward to seeing what else people come up with. Our Halloween gallery is a little empty though, so be sure to link us your Halloween drawings! We'd love to show them off. The costume contest continues to go on with prizes up for grabs. Get in on the fun! The art challenge has just one week left. When Friday the 13th drops your time is up. ;) Good luck and we hope you're enjoying the fun.

Happy Halloween season everyone! Yes it's October again meaning it's time for another year of food, fun, and ghost stories! (Disclaimer: No food will be provided) We've got a whole bunch of events lined up for you guys this year, with all sorts of fun to get up to. Keep an eye on the journals for more and ever changing information, and to see how things are going with the events!

Spooptober 2017

Our good friend :iconshima-pad: is up to her usual fun again, bringing the community her Spooptober event. To get in, simply draw a spoopy character padded up, focusing on the more ghoulish ones. You can find more information as well as entries to the event, in her journal here. Diapered Spooptober 2017Hey, people! Here's just a short recap on my humble little event~
:pumpkin: October and the Halloween season has come back around with the to chill our spines and make us fill our padding yet again. If you wanna join in on getting into the spooky padded spirit with me, you should consider entering some content into my Diapered Spooptober event! Just make sure you note of these simple rules and changes from last year first~
Diapered Spooptober is a way to get all your Halloween-y padded content highlighted, and is not a contest by any means. An entry must stick to the theme to be excepted; it must be both AB/DL and Halloween/horror related.
The main examples are:
A. Monsters or creepy characters in Diapers
B. Diapered characters in costume, cosplay or dress-up
C. Diapered characters experiencing a creepy scenario
To see some of my pre-made examples, click this:…
Or to s

Art Challenges

That's right! Plural! Very scary indeed. This month you guys are going to get not 1, not 2, but 3 challenges! The first one will be from now until Friday the 13th. The second, from the 14th to the 28th, and finally the third will have a tiny window, from the 29th to Halloween. The good news is you don't necessarily HAVE to draw them specifically for the challenge to qualify for the 3rd one. The second and third will be kept a secret, but the first challenge starts now!

Challenge 2

Lost in the woods, your character is scared and helpless. They cannot hope to get out at this rate. There are scares, terrors, and unknown mysteries hidden bellow the moons glow this night. Will you make it out alive? Or never be seen again?! This challenge is to draw your character wandering around the woods. Perhaps taking in the splendor during the day, or lost in the woods at night. It can even be a haunted walking trail, littered with spooks ready to jump out at you! Perhaps these woods are magical, and where you enter a capable adult that isn't scared, you find yourself running out the other end a small scared child wanting mommy. It's all up to you with these woods, to design them how you see fit!
*Include age regression - Our own MentalCrash designed this challenge, and as a bonus has a personal wish that you would include age regression into your entry. In order to make it open to ABDL, the AR aspect will be a way of scoring bonus points. So we hope you'll give it a shot and show us the kinds of mystical regression the woods can cause.
*Chilled to the bone - Find a way to incorporate a cold temperature to the scene. There's a lot of ways to do this from showing a characters breath, shivering, and character outfit. Just don't go for something silly like a thermometer.
*The power of imagination - Imagination can be a wonderful thing. It can make something more fantastic, or make something much more scary than it actually is. Find a way to incorporate the power of the imagination into your piece.

Good luck to all challengers! This challenge will end on October 28, a few days before Halloween.

List of participants:
~None yet. Be the first!~

Challenge 1

Draw an ABDL deader than dead! Yup this one might be tough, but I want to see what you can come up with. To qualify a diapered character must be dead! Doesn't matter if they're moving around they just gotta be dead. So ghosts, zombies, and other undead creatures qualify. You may wish to include "this is for an art challenge" so as to not scare your watchers too bad btw. Sometimes a corpse is unfortunately taken the wrong way when it comes to the internet.
*Don't make them undead - The true difficulty of this challenge. Anyone can draw their character as a ghost and say "they died" but can one bring themselves to draw them without life at all? To me that'd take true dedication to challenging yourself and your artistic limits.
*Jason was here - Draw the character in a way that implies they were murdered. Can be by a famous slasher movie character, or maybe by other means. It's all up to you. Remember, get creative!
*Scare me! - This one's probably the easiest. Just make them scary! Maybe find a way to make a jumpscare out of it, maybe they just look very spoopy. Try to find a way to turn a gruesome corpse into a scare for the person unfortunate enough to click. This one might be easier for those whom go for a more undead form btw.

List of participants:

Mature Content

Zombie Doll by Princess-SippyCup

Mature Content

Welcome to camp Crystal Lake by boogeymachok

Mature Content

Bab Capitation [challenge submission] by Pastel-Sky12

Mature Content

Vampire Diapers [Diaper Fetish] by Milkriot

Mature Content

Reanimation successful! by Mayu-K

Mature Content

Trinia - Dead (HoY art challenge) (Colored) by bobmortar
Loving the Sun by TheOwlcan

Mature Content

Hanging Around For Halloween (HoY Challenge) by TheOwlcan
Deadly Double Trouble by SirGuyJacket

Mature Content

Art Challenge - Deader than Dead by DiaperArtist

Halloween Costume Contest

The annual costume contest is always a fun event for the whole family. A tradition that is practiced from year to year, party to party, where any and all can find their costumes being a big winner. This year we're continuing the tradition with our Halloween costume contest. The rules are simple. Simply draw an OC of yours up in a Halloween costume and submit it to the contest. You don't even have to draw it specifically for the contest, so even a drawing you did for yourself can qualify you for the event. We're looking for costume originality, design, quality/effort, and overall embodiment of the Halloween spirit. The categories will be:
*Cutest Costume
*Funniest Costume
*Scariest Costume
*Best Baby Costume (Characters 4 and under)
*Best Child Costume (Characters age 5-13)
*Best Teen Costume (Characters age 13-17)
*Best Adult Costume (Characters 18+)

Finally there of course will be a Best in Show chosen for the costume that we feel did the most to have the best costume around. Every category winner will receive a free sketch from a randomly selected prize artist! Prize artists include :iconnekoroa: :iconmaxiekun: :iconprincess-sippycup: and our own :iconmentalcrash:. Thank you all for your generous art donations! This means a lot to us an the people of the ABDL community. Our Best in Show will also receive an additional mystery prize. You'll find out what that prize is soon enough!

All entries must be submitted by Halloween night at 9PM EST. Judging will be conducted by the group staff. Winners will be announced Halloween night. Age regression is allowed to meet age requirements for a category. One entry per artist per category. You can only win one sketch regardless of how many categories you enter. All entries must come from the artist responsible. (No commissions) You must have the rights to the character to use them. Any level of drawing (Sketch, ink, color) is allowed but it is preferred you enter with a full digital color. Prizes can and will be revoked if rule violations are detected. Members of the group only. Staff revoke judging rights if they choose to enter any category. Cosplay of copyright characters is allowed but must show signs of being a costume. If you have any questions simply ask in the comments bellow.

Good luck to all our entrants!

Cute Costume Entries:

Funny Costume Entries:

Scary Costume Entries:

Mature Content

No Name by Cloud-Dream

Mature Content

Dismal evolution by boogeymachok

Baby Costume Entries:

Child Costume Entries:
Trick or Treat by Bokeol

Teen Costume Entries:

Adult Costume Entries:

Mature Content

Connie-mus Prime by Cast-ironDonut13

Mature Content

La Katrina- the spirit of spooptober by Mayu-K
Aung's Trick Or Treat (colored) by Aungshadow

Mature Content

Does this look familiar? [HOY Halloween Event] by CatImAKittyKat

Art Gallery

As usual we also have our art gallery to end of the journal with, to show off any and all artwork made by members of the community to celebrate the season. All you have to do is give us permission to show off your work, and we'll gladly feature it free of charge all month long for everyone to see. We hope to see many great drawings this month! Happy Halloween!

Oozing with Knowledge by Shima-pad Hay there Mr. Crow by Shima-pad Vampire Val + Bat form by Shima-pad
More Journal Entries

Countdown to Halloween

Monday, October 30th @ 9:00pm

Halloween is coming soon! Hope you're ready for a night of frights!


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