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Group Info

We are a club dedicated to the greatness of Age Regression. Our goal is to promote AR Anime and stories of all kinds, and make a creative haven for all deviants. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our admins who are happy to help you.

What we promote:
Artwork and Stories of Age Regression, Mental Age Regression, and AB/DL

*No non Anime works Only works in anime like style or detail ~Rule changed on 3/27/14
*Submit Furry artwork to our other branch Hourglass-of-Jikan
*Violent artwork can be submitted, but it's up to the Founder for final say
*No toddlercon art (Violators may be reported to deviantart for underaged pornography)
*Show respect to your fellow club members as well as visitors to our group
*No Spamming Please
*No unbirth
*No slavery/selling into slavery
*No pornographical flash games or flash game screenshots, such as Kisekae.

See our official blog site here:…
Super Group
Until Mar 8, 2015

Founded 4 Years ago
Jun 19, 2011


Group Focus
Age Regression

669 Members
933 Watchers
356,138 Pageviews
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Check out our other branches and websites here!

In February would you wrather see a Valentines Day collab or a Height Chart collab? (Examples of a height chart:…

17 deviants said Valentines Day
12 deviants said Height Chart
3 deviants said Other (Mostly for those who either don't care or aren't participating either way or whatevs)
1 deviant said Neither (Please comment your idea)

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Nursery of Favorites


Go here to learn how to add your favorite to the nursery: hourglass-of-youth.deviantart.…

Community Wish List

:iconnazrininator: ~Two friends are dressing alike, wearing black top hats with a cute bow on it. Both girls are wearing frilly dresses, and their hair color is in the brown-yellow range. But one of the girls has regressed into a cute little baby, and her hat is still resting on her head.
:iconturtwigchampion: ~Link from Legend of Zelda age regressed by opening a treasure cheast.
:icontwilightlink7: ~OC Celia AR Sequence……
:iconcybermon: ~Messy Mimi and Daisy
Can you do Mimi Tachikawa (from digimon adventurn 01) and Princess Daisy (from mario) and they is wear no clothes but only wear a white full diaper with black taps (and a image of it:… or hypermess diaper, and also no brown color but make stink lines appear from there diapers) and also there get hypnosis by two hypno disks and making them mindless, and the one who is use them is comrade black (from de blob 2) and he is joyed by see Mimi and Daisy mindless and wear full stinky smelly diapers at the same time. Can you do that of me plz, and here some images to help you out.

Mimi Tachikawa:…
Princess Daisy:…
Comrade black:…
:iconcookiejoe1: ~ Diapered OC. Please draw my oc diapered. It can be dry, wet, or messy I don't mind.
:iconcloudddpa: ~ I would really love it if somebody drew Ruby Tojo (… ) using her magic to dress Tsukune Aono ( ) in a baby version of his school uniform and mentally regressing him to a infinite like state.

Both Characters are from Rosario + Vampire
:iconabgohan: ~ I would like it if someone could draw a young diapered Dark Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh.

My OC Reina Beaumont reading a book and cuddling with Bun Bun while thickly padded and wearing an over sized t-shirt, basically relaxing and engrossed in a book. She's around 5'3 in height.

Please draw my OC Shaney. biglittlesqueeboydl.deviantart…

I would like a drawing of my OC please.…

Could someone draw for me humanized Pinkie Pie as a 5 year old with blue eyes sitting cross legged with a childish happy expression wearing baby booties, mittens, and a pink shirt/small dress and a pink diaper. It'd also be nice to see a pacifier in her mouth. I would be extremely grateful!

Latest Favourite Artists


Update: Just a few hours left! Be sure to get in on this exciting challenge while you can!

Founder's Notice:
This is just a simple private request from me only not really a rule, but please no one draw Zero Suit Samus. I'm already doing a Samus related one that's taking up a lot of hard work and time, and I'd love more than anything for it to be unique. But this is a request only not a rule so please feel free to do any character you wish, even if it's already "taken" so to speak.

Update: Please remember if you're doing cosplay that the cosplay one asks you to try to do the amiibo's pose from the real one. I suppose it's not 100% "required" but it is a part of the C one so please do keep it in mind. It's not just a bonus. Also I'd like to give a notice that in art challenges we do have to be able to verify the time stamp for legitimacy reasons to actually give it the rewards of the journal features and such. After all I have seen things before where people take something old, slap something new on it, and update the old image to say it's a new thing. The point of art challenges is to challenge people to make new artwork, and to update an old piece to fit new theme would be a little like cheating. But if you should get a message like this and you know it's legit simply show us something to prove it's new such as a screenshot of the file creation date and you're golden. (But please do use for this as it'd be odd to see that in people's galleries)

Update: This challenge has been extended to January 25th due to popular demand. Should another large group appear by then, we may give one last extension to the 31st.

Update: Good news! This challenge is becoming vastly popular! If it keeps up it shall be extended!

Art Challenges have definitely become a major part of the group's smaller events, so as usual it's now time to start the new year with a new art challenge! This time we got a real fun one, especially if you like toys and or smash brothers for Wii U. This is, da da ta daaaaa, the Amiibo Art Challenge!

Challenge: Do one of the following, while demonstrating a proper amiibo style pose, either kinetic… or at rest…
A) Draw your OC as an amiibo, in a pose like that of the actual amiibo (But not one of the exact poses)
B) Draw one of the amiibo in their usual pose, either padded or age regressing
C) Draw your OC as an amiibo, cosplaying one of the characters and doing that characters amiibo pose

* Draw something in the image to help show it's an amiibo, such as sitting on a Wii U gamepad, or being held in someone's hand.
* Create a moveset, and final smash for the character in the image description, expecially if you're also willing to make alternate moves as well.
* Use a kinetic pose for your amiibo, don't have them just sitting or standing.

Things to remember:
All amiibo have either a serious expression or a smiling expression. Try to avoid using other types of expressions cause it won't be as realistic in terms of how these are designed.
All amiibo fit into the archtype of "Brawler" "Gunner" or "Swordfighter". Try to encorperate which archtype your character as an amiibo would be, such as if your amiibo self has a sword or gun
Amiibo are not all one solid piece. Feel free to show something to make it look more "toyish" such as a somewhat noticable seem where the pieces were joined.
Some amiibo need plastic support beams to support their shape and make them look as if they're in the air or in motion. Try to use these if you draw your amiibo in motion.
Amiibo are made to be toys you can have fun with, so have fun with this project! After all it's not a contest!

Our deadline is our usual, two weeks making this art challenges deadline Sunday January 18, unless this becomes incredibly popular. Should the event take place I might extend it an extra week. I wish everyone luck and I look forward to seeing how you do!

List of Participants:
HoY Challenge - Super Rare Variant by RobbieFTT - Up first we have a Super Rare Variant of Charizard! Complete with the ferociousness that is Petunia! Fear this dragon's mighty strength! Also I didn't mention it before, but great job with pose prediction. Charizard doesn't have an official released amiibo yet, but when it is I'm pretty sure the pose is gonna be very similar to this.
Smb Diaper by PamperedKitFox - Here we have a cute fox being checked by Master Hand.
Amiibo by Cast-ironDonut13 - This impressive piece shows off Marilyn and her moves! She's got a pretty good moveset too with moves for protection and recover, while being able to dish out some good damage as well. She seems like she's got a more "Play it safe" kind of moveset that gives up power for durability. Likely she'd be well able to last into the upper hundred to possibly 200% damage range before being knocked out with this moveset, which is good cause she's gonna need it to outlast the opponents. She also looks quite ready to go in this action packed pose! Very well done! (Claps)
Luigi Arrow Amiibo by CloudDDPA - Here we have Arrow cosplaying as Luigi, making the famous planking pose. Luigi I gotta admit is kinda the oddball of the group lately, seeming to act weirder more and more to get attention or something. XD But he's got some great attacks despite his odd behavior, and overall is a great fighter. Luigi is a great choice to have made thus, and the pose is kinetic and spot on!
Guardian Angel (3) by CuddleLamb - An imaginary Wii U, sounds like a great use of imagination. Here we have a cute little guardian angel, as the sword swinging hero of Hyrule! Link's always been fun to smash with a sword, and now with the added fire it's gonna be even more fun! Lets just hope that diaper bag she's carrying has extra diapers.
Amiibo Challenge by TheLittleDiaperGirl - Ah this has got to be my favorite so far, because of how sheerly accurate it is to the Amiibo style. It's got everything from proper support, to the right kind of pose emotion and action. It's even got an amazingly detailed base! You really get a feel that she's in the middle of heated combat, and is ready and willing to go into the game and smash everyone's face in! Just be careful that she doesn't smash in your own. XD
Nino as Samus Amiibo [ABDL Content Warning] by NinoSatori - Here we Nino as Samus, ready to blast the competition sky high! She'll be quite a tough opponent too, specially if she uses those custom moves!
Shaney Amiibo Fighter (HoY Art Challenge Entry) by ShaneySqueeBoy - Shaney is ready to battle in this new Amiibo fighter form! Packing a large sword, he's got quite a few skills to use in combat such as fast paced slashes, blazing cuts, and some dance moves to go along with it! I'm sure Shaney will be quite the opponent for anyone who should challenge him, and a great ally to those who should use his amiibo in battle!
Tamaetheyoshiamiibo by TamaeFTT - Here we have Tamae as a Yoshi amiibo! Better watch out for those eggs, or you'll end up scrambled!
Amiboo Challenge by SweetMomoPuffs - Pikachu has always been one of the strongest characters in the Smash Bros world, and here is no exception. But with this Pikachu as an opponent, you're sure for quite a shocking battle! BTW nice touch with the tail! Gives it some great personality!
I'm Really Feeling it! by MyaisBubbly - Mya here makes a good Shulk, she's really feeling it! With skill and blade ready, this Smasher seems well ready to jump into battle and conquer!
Harley and Tex as Ice Climbers Amiibo by PaddednPoof - Remember the Ice Climber duo? They were quite the team in Brawl weren't they? Well now they're back in amiibo form, thanks to Harley and Tex! This team is sure to leave you cold should you have to face them in battle! Freakin adorable too.
Zero Suit Twiggy by TurtwigChampion - Looks like guys can make heels look good too. : P Here is my own entry into the challenge, and a first at that. (My first art challenge) I feel like I really captured Zero Suit Samus's pose very well here, and I think the diaper really helps show the scale these amiibo are. After all they're only around half the size of a diaper on average. You'll be slammed and smashed if you have to face this amiibo!
Super Smash Hyu by MagicalHyu - The regressionist Hyu joins Smash as the rarest and most expensive amiibo there is! If you're lucky enough to get this amiibo, you'll be the biggest player around. (By biggest we also mean oldest of course)
Rosalina Thing(Unfinished) by bananawetfre - Rosalina gears up for battle with her diaper ready incase of mid battle needs. It may not be in color yet, but this drawing shows promise and future growth!
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