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Group Info

We are a club dedicated to the greatness of Age Regression. Our goal is to promote AR Anime and stories of all kinds, and make a creative haven for all deviants. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our admins who are happy to help you.

What we promote:
Artwork and Stories of Age Regression, Mental Age Regression, and AB/DL

*No non Anime works Only works in anime like style or detail ~Rule changed on 3/27/14
*Submit Furry artwork to our other branch Hourglass-of-Jikan
*Violent artwork can be submitted, but it's up to the Founder for final say
*No toddlercon art (Violators may be reported to deviantart for underaged pornography)
*Show respect to your fellow club members as well as visitors to our group
*No Spamming Please
*No unbirth
*No slavery/selling into slavery
*No pornographical flash games or flash game screenshots, such as Kisekae.

See our official blog site here:…
Super Group
Until Mar 8, 2016

Founded 4 Years ago
Jun 19, 2011


Group Focus
Age Regression

710 Members
998 Watchers
408,383 Pageviews
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Check out our other branches and websites here!

Do you have an ask blog/character ask blog? 

12 deviants said No, and I don't intend on making one.
8 deviants said No, but I'm thinking about making one.
5 deviants said Yes! I use it all the time!
4 deviants said Yes, but...I've kinda abandoned it of sorts. (Haven't updated in a log time)
3 deviants said Yes! But I don't use it for much.
2 deviants said I did, but I closed it.

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Nursery of Favorites


Go here to learn how to add your favorite to the nursery: hourglass-of-youth.deviantart.…

Community Wish List

:iconnazrininator: ~Two friends are dressing alike, wearing black top hats with a cute bow on it. Both girls are wearing frilly dresses, and their hair color is in the brown-yellow range. But one of the girls has regressed into a cute little baby, and her hat is still resting on her head.
:iconturtwigchampion: ~Link from Legend of Zelda age regressed by opening a treasure cheast.
:icontwilightlink7: ~OC Celia AR Sequence……
:iconcybermon: ~Messy Mimi and Daisy
Can you do Mimi Tachikawa (from digimon adventurn 01) and Princess Daisy (from mario) and they is wear no clothes but only wear a white full diaper with black taps (and a image of it:… or hypermess diaper, and also no brown color but make stink lines appear from there diapers) and also there get hypnosis by two hypno disks and making them mindless, and the one who is use them is comrade black (from de blob 2) and he is joyed by see Mimi and Daisy mindless and wear full stinky smelly diapers at the same time. Can you do that of me plz, and here some images to help you out.

Mimi Tachikawa:…
Princess Daisy:…
Comrade black:…
:iconcookiejoe1: ~ Diapered OC. Please draw my oc diapered. It can be dry, wet, or messy I don't mind.
:iconcloudddpa: ~ I would really love it if somebody drew Ruby Tojo (… ) using her magic to dress Tsukune Aono ( ) in a baby version of his school uniform and mentally regressing him to a infinite like state.

Both Characters are from Rosario + Vampire
:iconabgohan: ~ I would like it if someone could draw a young diapered Dark Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh.

My OC Reina Beaumont reading a book and cuddling with Bun Bun while thickly padded and wearing an over sized t-shirt, basically relaxing and engrossed in a book. She's around 5'3 in height.

Please draw my OC Shaney. biglittlesqueeboydl.deviantart…

I would like a drawing of my OC please.…

Could someone draw for me humanized Pinkie Pie as a 5 year old with blue eyes sitting cross legged with a childish happy expression wearing baby booties, mittens, and a pink shirt/small dress and a pink diaper. It'd also be nice to see a pacifier in her mouth. I would be extremely grateful!

My ID in any kind of AR or ABDL situation where I'm the victim

Latest Favourite Artists


Update 8:
The collab has been extended until May 31.

Update 7:
One month down, one month to go! Keep up those sign ups people! We could still use a few more entries after all, and we're always happy to have more. Remember all you gotta do is draw your OC from the front and provide a height. Easy peasy! You can even do 2! Join today!

Update 6:
Status updates that were overdue applied.

Update 5:
Just a reminder that the height chart is on going currently, and always accepting new sign ups. :) Join today! Over a month and a half (or more) still to go!

Update 4:
You can now include alternate forms and ages of any character, in the form of a lower opacity image that will be placed in front/behind the main, but still in sight. Just send us all images with a 100% opacity and we'll add the alternate forms in with the final. Alternate forms do not use up your free slots.

Update 3:
Doing good guys! We already have 18 characters signed up! If you haven't signed up your character yet, sign up today and seal your OC(s) place in the community in this great collection of height references! Can't wait to see some finished drawings. But just don't forget we've got a while so you don't have to rush. ;)

Update 2:…
This is a "demo" height chart you can use to pre scale your characters. The final height chart will be something like this.

New Rule Added: Characters should follow logical proportions, unless declaired a chibi, or other non proportional design. (Ex: One Piece)

Update 1: Heights added.

The time has come everyone, the project that's been in planning for a few months now is beginning! The huge Height Chart collab! This project is going to be an effort to provide everyone with a height reference for as many characters in the ABDL community as possible. Here's the basic information for this endevor.

We are going to try to collect images and height information for many characters in the ABDL community so that there will be a more permanent reference for characters in terms of height compared to each other. Utilizing this we hope that images can become a little more size accurate, and act as a useful tool for artists of any skill level in the community.

How do you enter? As with all our events simply comment here on the journal and let us know you're entering, or contact :devturtwigchampon: (AKA myself) to get information and become involved in the project!

Rules: Please read these rules are not the same as our usual events
*Up to 2 characters per person are free, any further slots must be purchased for 500 Points or $5 USD (NO REFUNDS). All proceeds go towards the group. (Premium status and gift prizes for future events)
*Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Caretakers, Artists, Regressionists, and Regressionees are all acceptable entries. No age regression will be accepted for this event, due to difficulties involving correct character height, but to make up for it you're getting the extra character than usual.
*No adult content
*Nothing but Original Characters and Fan Characters. No characters from any anime, TV show, game, or otherwise will be accepted.
*Human AND furry artwork will be accepted, since you can't use AR or trademarked characters. Babyfur and Baby personas are allowed, but cannot be regressing and must have a logical/legit height.
*Characters are required to be standing, and must be facing the viewer, or the side. (Preferably the viewer) No character may be turned around. (Poses are not required to be completely front facing, but we need to see their front and face)
*No dynamic camera angles on any entries.
*No poses that distort proper character height. (Ex: Squatting, sitting, tippytoes, ect)
*It is not advised to have any character interacting with anyone next to them, because the entries will all be placed in alphabetical order. You can try, but be advised unless you and your friends characters are alphabetically placed next to each other it won't work.
*Diapers can be clean, wet, or messy, but cannot feature the colors yellow or brown.
*Entries must list the characters name, height, and status in the community.
*Entrants may be from various parts of the internet, but it is advised to be a member of the group.
*Members with 1 or more strikes at any point during the process are banned from participation
*Non artists may get help from artists through requests and commissions with permission (That must be provided)
*Entrants may withdraw at any point without required reason, just let us know please.
*Characters should follow logical proportions, unless declaired a chibi, or other non proportional design. (Ex: One Piece)
*NO UPLOADING INDIVIDUAL SUBMISSIONS TO THE COLLAB UNTIL THE EVENT HAS BEEN COMPLETED, AND THE COLLAB PUBLICLY RELEASED (This is in caps cause of how often people keep breaking this rule when we do events. We have our reasons and preferences)

That should cover everything, but if any further rules are added or changed we will let you know. This event is going to last for a long time, and will have a deadline currently of April 30th, but may be extended to May 31 IF there is a huge turnout. If this collab breaks the collab record of 74 with 75 or higher number of entered characters and artists, something special will happen. I myself will be making the background for this, and it will consist of black height lines against a white background, with a thick black bar under each section for character information.

Example of a way to sign up:
Name: Insert Name
Age: 19 (Age not required)
Height: 5'6''
Status: Adult Baby/Diaper Lover, Regressionee

If you have any questions about the event, how to get involved, or any other inquiries you may have please feel free to contact any of us anytime.

List of Participants:
:bulletred:1. Ezra "Twiggy" Takano - 5'4'' ~ :iconturtwigchampion:
:bulletred:2. Tamae 5'10''~ :icontamaeftt:
:bulletred:3. Tina Youth-Chan 3'3''~ :icontamaeftt:
:bulletred:4. Mikey Youth-Kun 3'5''~ :icontamaeftt:
:bulletgreen:5. Arrow - 4'0'' ~ :iconcloudddpa:
:bulletgreen:6. Hyunaloid - 4'0''~ :iconbokeol:
:bulletgreen:7. Bonnie Chippy - 3'0'' ~ :iconbokeol:
:bulletgreen:8. Jeanne "Baby Mama" - 6'3 ~ :iconvj-rabbit:
:bulletgreen:9. Lily - 3'10 ~ :iconvj-rabbit:
:bulletgreen:10. Mari - 4'8'' ~ :iconcast-irondonut13:
:bulletgreen:11. Connie -  5'6'' ~ :iconcast-irondonut13:
:bulletgreen:12. Thomasina - 6'2'' ~ :icontomtom64:
:bulletgreen:13. Jasmine Overbeck - 5'4'' ~ :icontomtom64:
:bulletgreen:14. Emizima Kurasaki - 5'2'' ~ :icontoshidogamekaze:
:bulletred:15. Susan - 5'8'' ~ :iconre11ding:
:bulletgreen:16. Symphony - 5'8'' ~ :iconarchfiend-dux:
:bulletred:17. Robbie - 5'9'' ~ :iconrobbieftt:
:bulletred:18. Petunia - 5'2'' ~ :iconrobbieftt:
:bulletred:19. King - 4'5'' ~ :iconya-king:
:bulletred:20. Lucian - 3'0'' ~ :iconbaby-tobias:
:bulletred:21. Kelby - 4'7'' ~ :iconbaby-tobias:
:bulletgreen:22. Skydiver - 5'1'' ~ :iconbobmortar:

:bulletred: = Not started :bulletyellow: = Working on entry :bulletgreen: = Finished :bulletblack: = Withdrawn
More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries

Countdown to the Valentines Day Collab Deadline

Countdown ended
Friday, February 27th @ 8:59pm

Hope Valentines day was as fun for you as it is for us! Here comes the collab!


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What's the difference between a member and a VIP contributor? Can you still contribute if you're just a member?
TurtwigChampion Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Members can contribute. VIP's need less votes to get images into the group, and get benefits like the ability to advertise commissions.
BlackestKnight049 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Does any of that also apply for stories? Do you only accept AR stories?
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should we be worryed about this..?
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We are fully aware of that rule, and were responsible for having it toned down. Basically you are not allowed to have yellow or brown diapers to indicate use. But that's good because it means you can actually be creative and show wetness or messiness in less obvious ways.
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becouse i did post... one deveatart like that-
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Wet diapers can use grays or sagging. Messy diapers can be lumpy
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TurtwigChampion Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015  Student Digital Artist
It's been a major issue in the ABDL community for a long time. You're free to refer to the guide we made about that FAQ a while back for some more info. You can do what you wish at your own risk the waves of "dealing with it" kinda come and go.
MrHypn0sis Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Listen- how you pay and keep up with this group is amazing- I want to thank you for taking the time and money for this, and if you ever need help you can ask me anytime! 
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