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Group Info

We are a club dedicated to the greatness of Age Regression. Our goal is to promote AR Anime and stories of all kinds, and make a creative haven for all deviants. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our admins who are happy to help you.

What we promote:
Artwork and Stories of Age Regression, Mental Age Regression, and AB/DL

*No non Anime works Only works in anime like style or detail ~Rule changed on 3/27/14
*Submit Furry artwork to our other branch Hourglass-of-Jikan
*Violent artwork can be submitted, but it's up to the Founder for final say
*No toddlercon art (Violators may be reported to deviantart for underaged pornography)
*Show respect to your fellow club members as well as visitors to our group
*No Spamming Please
*No unbirth
*No slavery/selling into slavery
Super Group
Until Mar 8, 2015

Founded 2 Years ago
Jun 19, 2011


Group Focus
Age Regression

510 Members
715 Watchers
189,381 Pageviews
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Community Collab 5, the Daycare Collab is go! Will you be joining? 

14 deviants said I wish I could, but sadly I cannot.
11 deviants said Yes! I'll totally join in!
6 deviants said No, I'm not planning on entering



Nursery of Favorites


Go here to learn how to add your favorite to the nursery: hourglass-of-youth.deviantart.…

Community Wish List

:iconnazrininator: ~Two friends are dressing alike, wearing black top hats with a cute bow on it. Both girls are wearing frilly dresses, and their hair color is in the brown-yellow range. But one of the girls has regressed into a cute little baby, and her hat is still resting on her head.
:iconturtwigchampion: ~Link from Legend of Zelda age regressed by opening a treasure cheast.
:icontwilightlink7: ~OC Celia AR Sequence……
:iconcybermon: ~Messy Mimi and Daisy
Can you do Mimi Tachikawa (from digimon adventurn 01) and Princess Daisy (from mario) and they is wear no clothes but only wear a white full diaper with black taps (and a image of it:… or hypermess diaper, and also no brown color but make stink lines appear from there diapers) and also there get hypnosis by two hypno disks and making them mindless, and the one who is use them is comrade black (from de blob 2) and he is joyed by see Mimi and Daisy mindless and wear full stinky smelly diapers at the same time. Can you do that of me plz, and here some images to help you out.

Mimi Tachikawa:…
Princess Daisy:…
Comrade black:…
:iconcookiejoe1: ~ Diapered OC. Please draw my oc diapered. It can be dry, wet, or messy I don't mind.
:iconcloudddpa: ~ I would really love it if somebody drew Ruby Tojo (… ) using her magic to dress Tsukune Aono ( ) in a baby version of his school uniform and mentally regressing him to a infinite like state.

Both Characters are from Rosario + Vampire


Update 4:
As of today we've reached the official half way point! Keep up the good work everyone! If you haven't signed up sign up today we'd love to have ya! Mental Crash, our background artist, want's you all to know to do your light from the right in your images.

Update 3:
Still accepting entries! Sign up today! The Daycare Collab still has room for you!

Update 2:
Just a few more sign ups and then another caretaker position will open up! Sign up today!


A long time ago one of our former admins, Brook, stated that she thought we should do a Daycare collab. Well I've kept this idea in mind, and now after all this time it's time to make it happen! Introducing the next Hourglass-of-Youth Community Collab, the Daycare Collab! This one's pretty self explanatory. Draw an AB character participating in an activity you'd see in a daycare. Here are a few ideas you could try.

Snack Time
Diaper Change
Finger Painting
Bottle Feeding

You're not specifically restricted to these, they're just a few ideas. Now this collab will feature two rooms. A playroom for the bigger babies, and a nursery for the regressed. Both will be in the same image. Now where do DL's fit into this you may ask? A character may only be DL this time if they're a caretaker. Caretakers can be added with special requirements in mind.

*There will be 1 caretaker for every 5 babies.
*Caretaker slots are bonus slots that can be used by either giving up an AB slot, paying for an extra slot with a group donation, or being a skilled artist that has the Founder's favor.
*Caretakers can be DL, or not padded, but cannot be AB.
*Caretakers should dress in appropriate clothes. (Ex: Diaper and t-shirt is fine, diaper and Gothic black dress is not)

This collab will also be broken up more slot based, based on the activities each baby is doing. For example, if 3 or 4 people are playing blocks, we may ask another person who wants to do the same thing to try to pick something else. There will also be only 1 diaper change slot available, and it requires a caretaker. (You can team up with a friend and handle this well) Diapers may be any condition, however we recommend a cleaner diaper for this collab. You may also wish to have your AB character crawl instead of walk to fit the scenario. As usual all group rules apply to any submissions, and we need a vector or white background for your submission. Each person can submit one ABDL and one Age Regression, but with donations more slots can be purchased. (Maximum 3 slots total per genre)

When signing up please comment with your characters name (OC or from show), what they'll be doing, and a reference to what they look like. (So we can confirm the character is ok)

*You can submit 1 ABDL and 1 AR picture. You can submit one or the other or both. (Preferably both the more the merrier)
*Fully colored submissions only
*You can have someone help you draw a character if you can't draw, however please team up with someone who isn't helping someone else already
*Must suit the group rules
*Must sign up before attempting to submit an entry.

Lets get signed up! You can start drawing whenever you're ready but all submissions are due no later than April 30st at 11:59!

Adult Baby Participants:
:bulletred: :iconre11ding: - OC Susan Coloring
:bulletgreen: :icondiaperloverperson: - OC Ella waiting to get a diaper change
:bulletgreen: :iconcloudddpa: - OC Getting a diaper change
:bulletyellow: :icontoshidogamekaze: - OC Emizima Kurasaki cuddling a plushie
:bulletred: :iconwhatgamersarefor: - OC Zoe Hirashima coloring
:bulletred: :iconpaddedbradd: - OC Bradd playing with a plushie
:bulletred: :iconbiglittlesqueeboydl: - MLP's Lyra Heartstring's humanized and playing with a Hamburger Helper Toy
:bulletred: :iconturtwigchampion: - OC Turtwig Champion suckling from a bottle
:bulletgreen: :iconbokeol: - Korea from Hetalia playing with a plush

Age Regression Participants:
:bulletgreen: :iconcast-irondonut13: - OC Marilyn Regressed and coloring
:bulletred: :icondiaperloverperson: - OC Allison playing with blocks
:bulletgreen: :iconcloudddpa: - Marina Liteyears (from Mischief Makers) cuddling a plushie
:bulletred: :iconpolligone64: - OC Poly playing with blocks
:bulletgreen: :iconmentalcrash: - OC Andrey fingerpainting
:bulletgreen: :iconaungshadow: - OC Aung Regressed and sleeping
:bulletgreen: :iconstrawb-ellie: - OC Ellie having a snack
:bulletred: :iconellienoodlesoup: - OC Ellie playing a video game.
:bulletred: :iconturtwigchampion: - AR'd Nagisa (Free!) playing with a toy Penguin
:bulletgreen: :iconbokeol: - OC PSYloid AR'd and sleeping
:bulletgreen: :iconbiglittlesqueeboydl: - OC Shaney playing with a Twilight Sparkle Plush

Caretaker Slots:
1.  :bulletgreen: :iconcast-irondonut13: - OC Connie, Carrying bottles.
2.  :bulletyellow: :iconaungshadow: - OC Alice, changing another OC
3.  :bulletgreen: :iconmentalcrash: - OC Carola, kneeling down handing a toy to an AR'd baby
4. ~Open~
5. ~Locked~ (Unlocks at 25 babies)
More to be added as needed

Background - :iconmentalcrash:
Group Mascot Tina - :iconstrawb-ellie:
Group Mascot Mikey - :iconaungshadow:
Background decor - :iconstaticplz:

Free feature!
Advertise this Collab in a journal and link it back here in this journal, and we'll put up you or your group's icon as advertisement here!
:iconcloudddpa: :icontoshidogamekaze: :icontamaeftt: :iconmentalcrash:
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Recent Journal Entries

Countdown to Community Collab 5! The Daycare Collab!

Wednesday, April 30th @ 8:59pm

The new collab has begin! Check out the journal at the top of the page for more information!


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hiccupfangirl11 Mar 30, 2014  Student Writer
I'm thinking of a making a short Space Dandy ABDL story (I won't post it on here but I'll send a note containing the story for those who ask for it) but I have no idea what could possibly cause Dandy to regress... I'm thinking like a mishap with an unregistered alien, but that seems a little cliche. Any suggestions?
Tavi-Munk Mar 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
Heya, wish I could be a VIP Contributor, but already one for too many groups. Thanks for the thought ^^
Quite understandable. Please do remember us however should you gain the ability, or should you withdrawl as a major member of any other group and gain a spot.
Hira-Dontell Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
whoever tried to add Blaire the cat
"Target folder is over the size limit"
I got that problem too I'm looking into it.
Hira-Dontell Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think the best solution was to not feature every deviation ever submitted
Why was my submission declined? Misty from Pokemon qualifies as an anime character, does she not?
Well the thing is we technically have the right to say no. Even if it's anime we still have the right to decline.
Well, why did you decline?
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