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Group Info

We are a club dedicated to the greatness of Age Regression. Our goal is to promote AR Anime and stories of all kinds, and make a creative haven for all deviants. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our admins who are happy to help you.

What we promote:
Artwork and Stories of Age Regression, Mental Age Regression, and AB/DL

*No non Anime works Only works in anime like style or detail ~Rule changed on 3/27/14
*Submit Furry artwork to our other branch Hourglass-of-Jikan
*Violent artwork can be submitted, but it's up to the Founder for final say
*No toddlercon art (Violators may be reported to deviantart for underaged pornography)
*Show respect to your fellow club members as well as visitors to our group
*No Spamming Please
*No unbirth
*No slavery/selling into slavery
*No pornographical flash games or flash game screenshots, such as Kisekae.

See our official blog site here:…
Super Group
Until Mar 8, 2016

Founded 4 Years ago
Jun 19, 2011


Group Focus
Age Regression

763 Members
1,066 Watchers
485,650 Pageviews
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Hourglass-of-Youth Community Height Chart v1.0.2 by TurtwigChampion

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Casino, Arcade, or Casino with an Arcade? 

25 deviants said Casino with an arcade! I want to see gambling with a Kid Zone arcade for the losers and people who don't wanna gamble.
9 deviants said Arcade! I'm not ok with the gambling/casino.
6 deviants said Casino! I wanna gamble!



Community Wish List

:iconnazrininator: ~Two friends are dressing alike, wearing black top hats with a cute bow on it. Both girls are wearing frilly dresses, and their hair color is in the brown-yellow range. But one of the girls has regressed into a cute little baby, and her hat is still resting on her head.

:iconcookiejoe1: ~ Diapered OC. Please draw my oc diapered. It can be dry, wet, or messy I don't mind.

:iconcloudddpa: ~ I would really love it if somebody drew Ruby Tojo (… ) using her magic to dress Tsukune Aono ( ) in a baby version of his school uniform and mentally regressing him to a infinite like state.

Both Characters are from Rosario + Vampire
:iconabgohan: ~ I would like it if someone could draw a young diapered Dark Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh.

My OC Reina Beaumont reading a book and cuddling with Bun Bun while thickly padded and wearing an over sized t-shirt, basically relaxing and engrossed in a book. She's around 5'3 in height.

I would like a drawing of my OC please.…

My ID in any kind of AR or ABDL situation where I'm the victim

I would like my OC Ediara wearing a diaper in a pink baby dress while wearing pink baby socks with a white edge and sucking on that thing baby's suck on (I don't know what's it called) and lastly she is holding a teddy bear

Wishes Granted:
:iconturtwigchampion: ~Link from Legend of Zelda age regressed by opening a treasure chest.
Link finds a hidden treasure by DKalternate

Please draw my OC Shaney. biglittlesqueeboydl.deviantart…
I do hope it's the thought that counts... by SD-The-Doodler

Latest Favourite Artists


The 3 bunnies are now on a sign up basis, and "may" require passing a skill level test.

I know I said that we'd likely not be doing another collab this year, but here we are. XD But I can guarantee this WILL be the last collab we do this year. So if you wanna get in on some fun collab action you'd better join in now. Cause we're going to Vegas baby!

Yes that's right, we're going for a tad more mature of a theme this time. A casino with an arcade for the little ones, and the losers. (And of course those who don't like to gamble) Here at this casino, you can gamble your age, continence, and mental maturity if you run out of money. Just watch out. If you gamble and lose and regress back to a baby, you'll get put in the Kids Zone for a while. : P In there if you want you can gamble cookies instead. Will you win millions, or end up losing it your diaper. XD

The usual rules apply. Here you can sign up to be in the image with an ABDL character, and an AR character. You can also apply for a few pre-set activities as well if you'd like to join in on one of the things we could use in the image. And of course you can also contribute drawings of things you can find in a casino usually. Also I'm willing to give away a few extra slots if people are willing to contribute a thing we need for the drawing. There will be a main casino room, and a kids zone off to the side for baby characters and characters that would rather play arcade games instead of playing the casino games.

In this collab I'm willing to have a bar since casino's do have bars, and you're welcome to draw your character with a little bit of a flushed face or a more drunken expression. However we'd prefer to keep actual alcohol out of the image and make it a joke of the psychological principal that you can trick someone into thinking they're drunk if they believe they've consued something alcoholic. (Ex: Michiko and Hachin episode where Hachin gets drunk off orange juice) It's more of a behavioral thing after all for this scenario so keep that in mind. So you're welcome to but it's not required, just don't push the alcohol thing.

Things we could use for the collab + reward:
Background artist - VIP status and an extra character slot(s)
Tina and Mikey sneaking into the casino and or getting punished for sneaking in - an extra character slot
A plush of Mugshot from Sly Cooper, lying on the floor - extra AR slot if you draw another prop we need
Slot machiens - An extra slot if you help draw more props
Roulette Table - An extra slot if you help draw more props
Poker Table - An extra slot if you help draw more props
Someone up on stage as entertainment for the crowd - The extra character is the slot you use as entertainment ABDL optional no AR plz
Staff for the gambling tables and other areas - May give extra character slots so we have staff in the casino

Some of these things are up for debate and all specially with the technical idea that the background artist could draw a lot of this themselves.

Slots open if you need an idea (May need background before you can start working):
Poker Table Slot 1
Poker Table Slot 2
Poker Table Slot 3
*Bunny Girl with drink tray 1
*Bunny Girl with drink tray 2
*Bunny Boy with drink tray 1
*Table Staff
*Bar Man/Woman
More to be added as thought up/needed

*Note: May need to meet skill requirements

Suggested ideas:
Sitting in a chair playing the slot machine
AR'd to a baby sitting on the floor in wonder of what happened
Being a baby in the kid zone (AR preferably, but mental AR is ok too)

Remember you're not required to do only what we mentioned but we do want you to stick to the theme and not just be standing there. Have fun with it, and have fun with the casino!

For the time being, September 30th at 11:59EST.

List of Participants:
:iconturtwigchampion: - Twiggy doing *To be decided*
:iconvj-rabbit: - Baby Mama Winning the Slots
:icondiaperdigigirl: - Linx having lost at Poker and is ARing
:iconbokeol: - Bonnie Chippy playing Blackjack
:iconbokeol: - AR'd Hana Kim doing *to be decided*
:iconaungshadow: - AR'd Aung being dragged into the kids zone, wanting to go gamble some more.
:iconcast-irondonut13: - Mari Playing a game with back and butt facing the viewer, with a little blip to show her current expression as she plays an arcade machine, messy bottom in view.
:iconre11ding: - Susan in a messy diaper at the Poker table after having lost several Poker games.
:iconcast-irondonut13: - Connie as a staff member dragging the AR'd Aung into the arcade area, despite his struggles.

Bunny Hostess (Host) Waiting List:
:iconabalex: (Boy) (Will need another artists help)

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Always keep an eye out for updates. Good luck and have fun!
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Countdown to the Casino Collab Deadline

Wednesday, September 30th @ 8:59pm

Get your chips it's time for some casino gambling! Just don't lose or you'll be AR'd! Join in the collab today! Information in the journal here:


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