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Group Info

We are a club dedicated to the greatness of Age Regression. Our goal is to promote AR Anime and stories of all kinds, and make a creative haven for all deviants. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our admins who are happy to help you.

What we promote:
Artwork and Stories of Age Regression, Mental Age Regression, and AB/DL

*No non Anime works Only works in anime like style or detail ~Rule changed on 3/27/14
*Submit Furry artwork to our other branch Hourglass-of-Jikan
*Violent artwork can be submitted, but it's up to the Founder for final say
*No toddlercon art (Violators may be reported to deviantart for underaged pornography)
*Show respect to your fellow club members as well as visitors to our group
*No Spamming Please
*No unbirth
*No slavery/selling into slavery
*No pornographical flash games or flash game screenshots, such as Kisekae.

See our official blog site here:…
Super Group
Until Mar 8, 2016

Founded 4 Years ago
Jun 19, 2011


Group Focus
Age Regression

798 Members
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541,935 Pageviews
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Check out our other branches and websites here!

Hourglass-of-Youth Community Height Chart

Hourglass-of-Youth Community Height Chart v1.0.3 by TurtwigChampion

Want to join the Height Chart? Inquire today!

Who was the best regressionist of 2015 from these 10 candidates? (Please see all their works not just what we have provided as an example) 

24 deviants said :iconmentalcrash: Little Chizuru by MentalCrash
17 deviants said :iconthe-padded-room: Entire Commissioner Team is BABIES ! by The-Padded-Room
13 deviants said :iconokayokayokok: Sorcery Secretary by okayokayokok
9 deviants said :iconlance-the-young: Annakatan Commission- Little Akagi by Lance-the-young
6 deviants said :icondktf: Gravity Falls Wendy Aftermath by DKTF
5 deviants said :iconmystrangelove: 1 Again by MyStrangelove
4 deviants said :icongomyugomyu: Commission: Swapped Sisters 2 Cover by gomyugomyu
4 deviants said :icondreamtales88: A Night at the Opera Part One by dreamtales88
2 deviants said :icondracoknight545: Yugiohgx age swap *Completed* by Dracoknight545
No deviants said :iconeduartboudewijn: Commission: Malena Melody ARAP part 4 by EduartBoudewijn



Community Wish List

:iconnazrininator: ~Two friends are dressing alike, wearing black top hats with a cute bow on it. Both girls are wearing frilly dresses, and their hair color is in the brown-yellow range. But one of the girls has regressed into a cute little baby, and her hat is still resting on her head.

:iconcookiejoe1: ~ Diapered OC. Please draw my oc diapered. It can be dry, wet, or messy I don't mind.

:iconcloudddpa: ~ I would really love it if somebody drew Ruby Tojo (… ) using her magic to dress Tsukune Aono ( ) in a baby version of his school uniform and mentally regressing him to a infinite like state.

Both Characters are from Rosario + Vampire
:iconabgohan: ~ I would like it if someone could draw a young diapered Dark Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh.

My OC Reina Beaumont reading a book and cuddling with Bun Bun while thickly padded and wearing an over sized t-shirt, basically relaxing and engrossed in a book. She's around 5'3 in height.

I would like a drawing of my OC please.…

My ID in any kind of AR or ABDL situation where I'm the victim

I would like my OC Ediara wearing a diaper in a pink baby dress while wearing pink baby socks with a white edge and sucking on that thing baby's suck on (I don't know what's it called) and lastly she is holding a teddy bear
A simple cute caretaker/baby moment between Mario & Luigi,like a diaper change or a nap or something .w.
(Mario's the catetaker,and Luigi's the baby)
My fem-self wearing either a really poofy/fluffy (but wet to the artists choice) diaper, doesn't much matter the context or the position/reaction - just that someone who normally does diaper pictures to do it.
I would like to see Athena Cykes (Ace Attorney) being babied by Juniper Woods (Also from Ace Attorney)
I would like Neo and Cinder from RWBY, Neo having age regressed Cinder into her womb.

Wishes Granted:
:iconturtwigchampion: ~Link from Legend of Zelda age regressed by opening a treasure chest.
Link finds a hidden treasure by DKTF

Please draw my OC Shaney. biglittlesqueeboydl.deviantart…
I do hope it's the thought that counts... by SD-The-Doodler

Latest Favourite Artists


:bulletred::bulletgreen:Current Stage: Sign Ups:bulletgreen::bulletred:

The holiday season is coming guys! So it's time to begin set up for our Secret Santa event for 2015. This event is ment to act as a way to give out of friendship and the meaning of the season. After all it's the thought that counts. Here's how things work for anyone who's new to our secret santa events. You sign up for a color drawing, or a story, and then we note you on Dec 1 with your person. You can't ask them what they want, but you must make them a gift you think they'd enjoy. Everyone who signs up may give some idea of things they like, so that the person has a better idea of what to make. If you get someone that's hard for you to gift for, please send me a note personally and I'll try to help. (Unless you're gifting me, then you'd need to note an admin instead) You can upload imediately, or wait until Dec 25 to upload it. Be sure to note it to them as well saying something like "Merry Christmas" or "Secret Santa Gift" or something so they know it's from you to them. If you fail to upload by Dec 25 you'll get a warning, and if you haven't uploaded by Jan 1, you may see penalties unless you specifically come talk to us about it first. (Ex: My grandfather died I can't make a gift by January 1 but I can make one after that, can I have a bit more time) In that kinda scenario we'd say yes. Now this is the most important part, just like last year. This is a commitment based event. If you sign up and don't withdrawl before Dec 1, you cannot withdrawl without an acceptable excuse. Getting help from someone else to meet the requirement is acceptable with approval, but otherwise you have to do it or you'll be penalized for not doing your part. (Especially if you got but didn't give)

Now I'm doing something new this year. While you cannot specifically request what you want, I'm modifying our usual system of "likes". In the comments section bellow when you sign up, when you put your interests you may bold 1 part in particular. This will be a way of telling the person "I'd especially like if the gift involved this". That way you can kind of mold your gift a little without it being a request. But remember it's only 1 part, so choose what to bold wisely. You'll also get to say 3 things you do not like so they know what to avoid. Here's an example of an acceptable request.

I like my OCs, messy diapers, age regression, happy Christmas music, cookies, embarrasment, cars, gaming, plushies, anime, cats, bunnies, and snuggly footie pajamas. I'm not a fan of inflation, male characters, and sexual ABDL content.

You can see some from last year in this journal here: and some of the gifts made here

Hope you're ready for Christmas, cause it's coming soon! Sign up for this fantastic year close out event today!

Color Images Sign Up:
SD-The-Doodler So my likes... I mean, honestly, anything with my OCs are fine, and as for other things, I have quite the list on my profile, but overall who am I to say what people should or shouldn't gift me? the fact I'd even be getting anything at all is awesome. (assuming I'm even allowed to do this) ᵗʰᵒᵘᵍʰ ᶦᶠ ᴵ ʷᵃˢ ᵗᵒ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᵃ ˢᵃʸ ᶦᶰ ᶦᵗ, ᵃ ᵇᶦᵍ ᵃᶰᵈ ᶠᶫᵘᶠᶠʸ ᵈᶦᵃᵖᵉʳ ʷᵒᵘᶫᵈ ᵇᵉ ᶜᵒᵒᶫ.
Bokeol I'm a fan of seeing my rodent OCs, in various situations, rodent or human version either way, diapered up.
CloudDDPA Likes: certain series I love: Rosario + Vampire, Karin, Hell Girl, MoonPhase, and Neon Genesis Evangelion, likes a Mommy babying son situation involving diapers, pacifier the whole thing.
PrincessPolly63 I like Any of my OCs, chibies, Kawaii Crush, food, anything Japanese related, gaming, pink, princess, rainbows, cats, glitter, and death metal. I'm not a fan of: reviling boobs, foot fetish, or cheese.
Aungshadow I like My OC, Age regression, Santa, Elves, Embarrassment, messy/Soggy Diapers, Punishment
VJ-Rabbit I woudent mind seeing some of my ocs doing something diaper and or inflation related and gaming. Please no stuffing, males, or sexy stuff.
Big-Baby-Studios I'm happy with any gift.
PamperedKitFox My oc anything cute and babyish.
CuddleLamb I love boobs, diapers, breastfeeding, realistic but cute things, blush,  Oh and I love Celestia ( that's a ponie )... I don't like violence, inflation ...

killer-X77 So likes: Cute, footed sleepers with diaper bulges, cuddling, transformation chains, spin off of my stories, I dislike explicit sexual scenes.
diapersoakr69 I like my OCs, physical regression, wet diapers, kiddy love, magic and maybe a bit of messing. I'm not a fan of any sexual themes.
MissMattel I'd love to read about one or more of my oc's being diapered. I enjoy wetting and messing, magic, forced babying, and hypnosis. But, I'd prefer if it didn't include sexual content, anything furry related, or male characters in diapers (males doing the diapering is fine), or full mental/any physical regression.
TheOriginalDL I'd like anything (Story or Art) involving Ace Attorney, DanganRonpa or Pokemon. I do not like Males in diapers, Vore or inflation.

Merry Christmas Notes: (A new mode for non artists. All you gotta do is go note them Merry Christmas in a heart filled note at your discretion)
~None yet. Be the first!~

For you AR fans, Turn-into-a-Baby has started up a new event about regression involving science! Be sure to check it out!
More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries

Countdown to the Regressionist Choice Award Results

Saturday, December 5th @ 8:59pm

Voting is going on right now! Right to your left here!

God's Little Angels

Dove by Christawashere
In this life, the mighty Father can give, and take. We honor and cherish the memories, and give our prayers and wishes. It is here we wish to honor the memory of our fellow ABDL whom have been chosen to join his holiness in the kingdom of Heaven. Please honor the memories of our friends whos names we have inscribed here. God bless their souls, God bless the world.

LittleJaiReturns - Unknown-2015


Meet the people who make the group tick, the Hourglass-of-Youth admins and contributors!

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:star::iconbamart19::star: - For making major financial contributions to the group

:star::icon34qucker::star: - For speaking up about group rules and working to have them changed.

:star::iconhira-dontell::star: - For speaking up about group rules and working to have them changed.

:star::iconad-sd-chibigirl::star: - For helping to heal when things were wronged.

:star::iconblackflameheart::star: - For helping to heal when things were wronged.

:star::iconbabychrisfox::star: - Sands of Regression Regressionists Choice 2014

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